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Ok so sometimes if you are a real "girly girl" you may think that sneakers aren't for you. You may think they aren't feminine enough. Not ALL the time just sometimes! Maybe jeans and T-shirts isn't your thing, and if thats the case then you're in luck because it doesn't have to be. Just gotta think a little outside of the box which is the beauty of fashion and the motto here at Padded Room to "wear what you like".

(Shameless Plug: if you are an avid Padded Room follower you probably already know that we hashtag everything with #WearWhatYouLike. So if you haven't already, go ahead and add that when you take a shoe selfie) 

Back to the blog... Now initially, it may seem like you were trying to push boundaries when combining comfort and style but adding sneakers to your everyday look is becoming more of the norm no matter the setting. Just think about some of your top designers like Christian Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, Balenciaga... they all have made their mark in the sneaker world. This shows that even iconic designers have put their own spin on a classic look and that sneakers have surpassed just athletics.


Of course we had to start off with one of my favorite style icons Auntie June (June Ambrose)! Here she is wearing  Nike Lunar Tiempo Sky Hi Sneakers. 


Jenna Lyons, J.Crews creative director, rocking her casual yet chic look! The sneaker doesn't always have to be the statement piece as seen here Lyons has paired her simple black Nikes with an oversized tribal coat. The bold and layered look is perfect for a cold day.


We couldn't leave out "Bad Gal Rih Rih" who makes a statement in anything she wears. Leather pants, cropped sweater, Jordans and a pop of color!


Here are a few more celebs and just everyday women with some sneaker style inspiration:












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We are so excited here at Padded Room! We started out with one shoe and a dream that has now come true. We've been selling shoes online for a while and for those of you that didn't know our physical location was introduced to Chicago's south side at the end of 2014. Nestled in Chicago's Beverly area we are proud to be one of the only shops of its kind. 
Padded Room has been open for close to 3 months now and the support and turnout from the community has been amazing. Thank you all for being apart of this vision and making Padded Room YOUR sneaker shop!
Hear from the owner and check out the video from set up to grand opening!
video by: Don Alexander//


Come Shop with us at 2134 W. 95th Street Chicago, Illinois 60643

12 noon to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday (Closed Sunday & Monday)



Check out some more pics from the opening...