Respect Your Elders August 13 2016, 0 Comments

Whenever we hear that Nike is rereleasing a classic sneaker it feels like a reason to celebrate. Once again we'll be able to rock a shoe that brings back fond memories! For me, at least, the excitement ends on release day, because once again, they've managed to butcher my nostalgic enthusiasm whether it's due to cheaper materials, switching around colors, or leaving out the small details that make the older version special. And for those reasons, I almost always feel the need to take things back to the a previous release. For this entry, that's exactly what I'm doing. To everyone out there who misses those older releases, this one is for you. 

Air jordan 5 Retro LS "Grape" (2006)


For those who feel that a little yellowing adds a lot of character, these are a must.

Air Jordan 6 "Black Infrared" (2000)

If you weren't satisfied by the 2014 black infrared 6's (possibly because they look pink), then we've got you covered. The swoosh on the back isn't the only reason these are dope. For one, the side is super buttery; two, they're actually infraRED!!!

Air Jordan 10 Retro "Stealth" (1994)

In Case you were wondering, these are the oldest shoes in our store, they're one of the coolest shoes in the store too. In short: 22 years never looked so good.