Padded Room At Sneaker Con Chicago May 13 2013, 0 Comments




     On May 11th, 2013 at Sneaker Con Chicago the Padded Room stepped outside the friendly confines of the internet for the first time to make an appearance as a vendor. Needless to say the experience was nothing less than wonderful. Many Chicago sneakerheads and regular people that just love sneakers came out to support the event. There were two moments during the event that made me proud of my teams effort and passion to expand the culture. 1) I spoke with a parent who was there monitoring three young sneaker lovers and he stated to me "Wow, you're the only vendor with items in the price range of what I can afford". 2) A gentleman in his early 30s walked by my table and spotted a pair of dead stock Jordan II "Melo's", he picked them up and began to talked about his experience first buying the shoe 10 years ago, he expressed to me that he hasn't seen a dead stock pair before the one on our table in years. I would like to thank Sneaker Con and my home town of Chicago for everything!!!!


- BO