what's all this talk about consignment shops: March 04 2015, 0 Comments

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of consignment shops, this isn’t a new idea by any means. But we're not talking about an old sweater or that hand-me-down clutch from your great aunt. Were talking about consigning sneakers! Slightly different in inventory but the concept is the same. Sneaker shops have been popping up across the states and they are here to stay. Super popular in cities like New York and LA for reselling and consigning even used shoes… yes USED! Nothing is taboo when it comes to getting the kicks you need, and Padded Room is here to increase this culture in the sneaker community in Chicago.



Any Given Saturday:
You may not always able to get the new releases the day they drop. Maybe you just don't want to stand in line for the ticket or raffle to then stand in line for the shoe. No matter what the reason, if the shoe is dope you’re going to want it and you need that “go-to” spot to have what you’re looking for. Getting these shoes shouldn't be a hassle and that's one of the reasons why consignment and resell shops have become so popular.

When it Doubt Ask A Professional:
Ever come across some sneakers you’ve been searching for, get them home, and something about them just doesn't look right? Well walking into one of these shops you may hear a lot of dialogue and discussion about this very subject. Bring them in! We will take a look and let you know what we think. The insoles, the box, the labels, the tags… We look at every detail. This same scrutiny goes into our inspection of a shoe brought in for us to sell or consign. A sneaker store is only as authentic as the shoes they sell!

Collecting Dust:
You may be a little hesitant to drop off your most prized possession sneakers essentially leaving them with a stranger. But really its simple! You set the price, customer gets 85% and we keep the 15%. All we ask is that the shoe stays on consignment for at least 30 days… just to keep some consistency. Oh, and don’t worry about that “leaving your shoe with a stranger” part because if anything happens to your item we're 100% responsible for it. Once your item is sold, we give you a call, and you come pick up your payment. Easy right?! Instead of your shoes siting in your closet collecting dust you might as well let them sit here with us where they get in-store exposure and thousands of views online each day.
The Price Is Right:
It doesn’t take rocket science to set the pricing for your item but it does take some knowledge of the market. You can’t price a shoe solely based off the hype. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, hype does play a role in what sells. But don’t expect consignment stores to fall for an overly priced new release because prices will eventually settle. How old is the shoe, are they re-releasing the same color-way, how limited is it, or even that specific size? All of these things play a part in setting the price to getting your items sold.
The whole idea of these shops is to 1. Be able to find shoes you cant find whether its a new release or 10 years old  2. Bring in shoes that are just sitting around to get them sold 3. Allows everyone to get involved in the sneaker community while providing a unique shopping experience. So really this whole resell and consigning thing can become a little addicting... bring in your 1st shoe and once its sold you'll be hooked!
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