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PDRM F/W Pieces Available Now!!! October 31 2017, 0 Comments

Standout with a piece from our street art inspired Fall/Winter collection which is now available In Store and

PDRM Street Art Tee Now Available at Padded Room September 12 2017, 0 Comments

The most prevalent type of graffiti worldwide is tagging and our street art Tee pays homage to those not afraid to express themselves with markers and paint everywhere they go. Make sure you grab your Street Art Tee's because they won't be around too long. Available now In Store &


Early Look at The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Top 3" November 04 2016, 1 Comment

Here is Padded Room's first look at the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Top 3" set to release November 28th, 2016. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Chicago", "Banned", and "Royal" come together to bring us a "What The" version of the Jordan 1. You can own your pair today, as they are available right now, at & Padded Room Chicago.

Padded Room

2134 W 95th Street

Chicago, IL 60643



Gum Bottom Education October 29 2016, 0 Comments

Gum bottom sneakers have been popular since Nike added them to their air force 1's. Since then, pretty much every popular sneaker company has thrown at least one gum bottom onto a popular shoe. So with this trend being continued year after year, there certainly have been stands outs. So for this post we'll be celebrating some of the best gum bottoms that we currently have in stock.

Reebok Ventilator "Melody Ehsani": Despite the shoe itself being a classic, there is nothing old school about this colorway. This wild camouflage[ish] pattern is sure to garner its fair share of attention. After onlookers are drawn in on by the sneakers design, they'll surely notice the the eye shaped lace lock at, the gum bottoms might not be the most exciting feature on the shoe, but they still add a nice touch.

Nike Air Force 1 High '07 LV8 "Flax": No tribute to gum bottom sneakers can be to gum bottom sneakers can be complete with an Air force one on the list. So it was a no brainer to pick a pair that we just got in. Not to mention Flax AF1's are a perfect sneaker for the changing weather. The gum bottoms truly made this colorway a classic! 

Puma Creeper "Orange Camo": Sneaker heads rejoice! Puma has brought us Rihanna's creepers in mens sizing. It would have been a shame to miss out on this fall ready colorway but theres no need to worry about that anymore. But when it comes down to it, the gum soles are honestly what made this pair special.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 "Chocolate": It goes without saying that these would be a wildly popular shoe with or without the gum soles, however, they definitely don't hurt. Yeezy season was done proud with full suede uppers and that rich brown color as well the peanut butter soles.

Adidas Ultra Boost M "Triple White" Restock October 27 2016, 0 Comments

Today we restocked one of the most well received sneakers of the year, the Adidas Ultra Boost M "Triple White". Pictured below is the Triple White being worn by a member of Padded Room in Singapore. 

Air Jordan 12 Retro "Deep Royal" has arrived at Padded Room early!!!! October 22 2016, 1 Comment

Here is our first look at the Air Jordan 12 Retro "Deep Royal" set to release November 12th, 2016. Since 2016 has been the year of the Air Jordan 12 its a great look for Jordan Brand to release a dope color way to send us off into the Holiday Season. At a glance you can't help but to think Don C Air Jordan 2 but a closer look helps you appreciate these for the well put together sneaker that it is. What stands out is the blue metallic lace loops and blue metallic Jumpman tabs on the inner and outer side panel. The suede used on the Air Jordan 12 Retro "Deep Royal"shifts tones at the touch, which gives the shoes a richer feel. These shoes will find a place in any sneaker lovers rotation, even LA Dodger fans. Purchase yours now, here at and be ready for Game: 1 of the World Series #FlyTheW #ChicagoCubs


The blog was created at 9:41pm CST while the Chicago Cubs were up 5-0 in Game: 6 of the NLCS at the Top of the 9th inning!!!!

Respect Your Elders August 13 2016, 0 Comments

Whenever we hear that Nike is rereleasing a classic sneaker it feels like a reason to celebrate. Once again we'll be able to rock a shoe that brings back fond memories! For me, at least, the excitement ends on release day, because once again, they've managed to butcher my nostalgic enthusiasm whether it's due to cheaper materials, switching around colors, or leaving out the small details that make the older version special. And for those reasons, I almost always feel the need to take things back to the a previous release. For this entry, that's exactly what I'm doing. To everyone out there who misses those older releases, this one is for you. 

Air jordan 5 Retro LS "Grape" (2006)


For those who feel that a little yellowing adds a lot of character, these are a must.

Air Jordan 6 "Black Infrared" (2000)

If you weren't satisfied by the 2014 black infrared 6's (possibly because they look pink), then we've got you covered. The swoosh on the back isn't the only reason these are dope. For one, the side is super buttery; two, they're actually infraRED!!!

Air Jordan 10 Retro "Stealth" (1994)

In Case you were wondering, these are the oldest shoes in our store, they're one of the coolest shoes in the store too. In short: 22 years never looked so good.



Staff Pick's, Olympic Edition August 06 2016, 0 Comments

For this weeks staff picks, the Padded Room team is celebrating the Summer Olympics. So in honor of the games, each staff member will be picking their favorite USA themed sneaker. But, with a myriad of red, white, and blue kicks to choose from, this was not an easy choice for anyone.

Bo's Pick: Villa x ASICS x Wale Gel Lyte III "Bottle Rocket"

While technically not an olympic shoe, these certainly show off style and patriotism. Not to mention the classic gel lyte III's are a nice change from all of the Nike's and Jordan's that dominate during Olympic season.

Pick up your pair here:

Jahi's Pick: Jordan 3 Retro "True Blue"

I'll never understand why these aren't often thought of as a USA themed shoe. Without a doubt these are a must for any true American. Did I mention that they'd go great with your '88 Olympic Jersey? 

Pick up your pair here:

Ben's Pick: Nike Air More Uptempo "Olympic"

This was not an easy choice for anyone [except for Ben]. Ben actually had a very easy choice because these are some of his all time favorite shoes, not just for the olympics. Who can blame him? Bold white "AIR", midnight blue creating the perfect contrast, and don't forget those gold and red accents!

pick up your pair here:

Alex's Pick: Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse "Indy Red"

I didn't want to pick another all red shoe but it was a necessary evil because I refused to leave this pair out of this blog and I couldn't convince Jahi to pick them for his entry. While I wasn't ecstatic about choosing these, they are a dope shoe. That being said, there isn't much to these: all red, hyperfuse uppers, classic air max soles, and that coveted American flag on the tongue; sometimes less is more.  

Pick up your pair here:

Is your favorite USA/Olympic pair of sneakers missing from our picks? Let us know in the comments.

Culture Influencer: Air Force One's July 30 2016, 0 Comments

Something most serious sneaker collectors from the late 90's into the mid 00's will tell you is how coveted the Nike Air Force One used to be. Instead of Nike pumping releases every weekend (Find A 2007 Release Calendar) the culture has shifted to Nike creating themes and pumping out subpar signature sneakers. The Nike Air Foamposite is a prime explain which has the seen the release of a few not so sought after colorways i.e. spiderman, thermal, yeezy, asteroids, etc. As a tribute to that golden age of AF1's this blog entry will be showcasing 3 very cool incredibly limited pairs that just happened to find their way into our store this week. 

Quest Love:

Much like the man himself Quest Love's air force 1's are bold, and definitely catch looks from those they pass. The biggest difference is that Mr. Quest gathers attention from his huge afro and the sneakers, while sporting a much smaller afro on their tongue, catch most of their looks from the electric green elephant print that adorns the midsoles. 

Doernbecher AF1's:

"The people who turn out the best are the people who make the best of how things turned out." (Chad Berg age 16)

Nike's DB collection is always one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year due to their charitable cause and creative designs. That reputation continues to ring true for this very special pair of Nike's. The vibrant green paired with visually pleasing geometric patterns topped off by exciting 3m accents. One thing is for sure, these are for those real collectors out there.

Buy your pair here: 

"Year of the Dragon" III:

To the untrained eye, these may look like a slightly fancier white/white air force one's (not that that's a bad thing). But, if you take a more careful look, you'd discover that these are so much more! From the subtle scales covering the shoe to the whimsical artwork on the insoles I guarantee just as many, if not more, details are on this shoe as any premium Jordan, Yeezy, or collaboration ASics shoe you can think of.


Are there any air force one stories you'd like to share or a favorite edition that didn't make our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

Staff Picks June 23, 2016 July 23 2016, 0 Comments

We are proud to announce that once a week, Padded Room team members will be choosing a shoe that they think is "hot". For our first entry we've got a diverse mix of sneakers that will definitely turn heads. 

Bo's pick: Adidas NMD R1 "Triple White"


 Honestly this is an easy choice because the NMD runner is as fresh as it gets, nothing beats all white shoes in the summer and I've got to hand it to the brand with the three stripes for delivering exactly what the people need; modern look, timeless style. 

Pick up your pair now:


Jahi's pick: Air Jordan 6 Retro "DMP Defining Moments Pack"

Given that this was my first pick ever for this blog it sort of felt like a defining moment in my Padded Room career, with that in mind the choice became almost too easy, it also helped that DMP 6's are already a really awesome shoe. They've got great materials, a unique Colorway, and to top it all off, they come in that beautiful golden box. 

Pick up your pair now:


Alex's pick:  LeBron 9 "Christmas"

I thought these were dope when they first dropped; probably because 9's are my favorite # Lebron. But now that King James is the reigning champion once again, I feel that these deserve a proper tribute. And don't let the "Christmas" theme fool you, red sneakers are practically a tradition for summertime Chi!

Pick up your pair now:


Ben's Pick: Air Jordan 12 Retro "French Blue"

Coming from someone who rarely laces up Jordans, the French blue 12s are definitely special.  White and Blue anything is a welcomed change from the red and black Jordans that usually dominate the release calander (don't get me wrong, flu games are cold too!).

Pick up your pair now:


 Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think is a hot shoe in the comment section below.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 "Light Grey" was spotted at Padded Room June 17 2016, 0 Comments

The highly anticipated 3rd installment of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 launched worldwide on June 11th, 2016. If you were able to score on the Adidas Confirmed App you are the real MVP. Take a look at the detailed photos below and let us know where they rank amongst the class of 750s. 

Air Jordan 12 Retro "Gym Red" at Padded Room June 17 2016, 1 Comment

Padded Room was able to secure pairs of the Air Jordan 12 Retro "Gym Red" before the July 2nd, 2016 release date. Since the Air Jordan 12 Retro "Cherry" is no longer visible on the release calendar these will satisfy the thirst for a good looking pair of Air Jordan 12 Retro's in a Red & White colorway  Take a look at the detailed pics below and leave your feedback.

3.26 | Air Max Day Part II: March 26 2015, 3985 Comments

 On Air Max Day 2014 one of Padded Rooms own took it to the streets to not only get his hands on a pair of history in the making but to get a glimpse to see if and how Chicagoan's were rocking their Air Max!

Lets take a look at what the windy city had to offer:



















3.26 | Air Max Day Part I: March 26 2015, 147 Comments


Nike Air Max was introduced to the world in 1987 originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, an architect designing shops and offices. In true architect fashion the inspiration for the AM1 was said to have come from a center in Paris (Le Centres George Pompidou), which is known for its “inside out” design. This “inside out” design is what Tinker had in mind when exposing the cushioning in the midsole and making it apart of not just the comfort & performance but the aesthetics of the shoe.


Le Centres George Pompidou, Paris

1987 | Air Max 1

The shoe that started it all was the Nike Air Max 1 also known as the Nike Air Max ’87. It was the first time a shoe ever showcased a visible air bubble. The original version of the AM1 combined suede and mesh with a vibrant red, white, and grey color combo. A leather version was released 1988 and it wasn’t until 1995 that the original suede/mesh combo returned.

In 2002, the Japanese retailer Atmos was one of the first to work with Nike to create their own version of the Air Max 1 combining the original silhouette with a classic safari print. This creative colorway definitely brought out all of the details of the ever-so-loved Air Max 1.


1989 | Air Max Light


The lighter yet sleek Air Max Light was released 2 years later in 1989. It was also known as Air Max II that highly resembled its predecessor.


1990 | Air Max 90


The Air Max III which some may debate is one of the most popular versions of the Air Max has become its own legend. The Air Max III wasn’t known as the Air Max 90 until 2000 when it was retroed.


1991 | Air Max 180


Consumers were blown away by the design of the Air Max released in 1991. How do you improve the Air Max trademark of the air bubble?? Make it visible beneath the midsole! And that’s exactly what was done on this 180 model which featured a 180 degree air unit. To make sure that this key feature was recognizable, the shoe was designed in all white with the exception of a few accent colors to put emphasis on this innovative design.


1991 | Air Max BW


Nike Air Max BW was released in 1991, BW standing for "Big Window", which brought more visibility and padding than ever before. The Air Max BW was originally released as part of the Nike International series. The OG colorway consisted of Persian Violet that has become its signature to date. Although created after the AM90 & AM180, the BW has definitely made its own mark in history.


1993 | Air Max 1993

With the release of the Nike Air Max 93 we go from 180 degrees of air technology to 270 degrees of air. It was also the introduction of the top line bootie to improve comfort and fit, which we now see in so many other shoes. This was something unique, no real tongue just the sockliner. The Air Max 93 was also the first model to have a colored air unit vs. the clear bubble that we were used to.


1995 | Air Max 95


Sergio Lozano was the designer here and the inspiration was said to have come from the human anatomy. It was the first to feature the Air Max cushioning system in both the heel and forefoot. This model was also the first Air Max to showcase the 3M reflective material and there have been over 150 colorways released. 


1997 |  Air Max 97

Built for speed, the Nike Air Max 97 resembles that of a Japanese bullet train. Designed by Christian Tresser, the air unit runs the entire length of the shoe and was initially more popular in Europe than in the US. The sole featured here was the first Air Sole developed specifically for running. The Air Max 97 continued the tradition started with the AM95 by including the 3M reflective material on the shoe.


2006 | Air Max 360

The vision of this 360 model was Nike's idea of “completely running on air”. With the Air unit being visible from all angles, the 360 has no foam, no midsole—just Nike Air.


2014 | Flyknit Air Max

We all have come to love flyknit! Its durable, ultralight, and fashionable. The Flyknit Nike Air Max is the most flexible max air unit yet.



Credit: // // // // //

#PaddedChic: March 23 2015, 0 Comments

Ok so sometimes if you are a real "girly girl" you may think that sneakers aren't for you. You may think they aren't feminine enough. Not ALL the time just sometimes! Maybe jeans and T-shirts isn't your thing, and if thats the case then you're in luck because it doesn't have to be. Just gotta think a little outside of the box which is the beauty of fashion and the motto here at Padded Room to "wear what you like".

(Shameless Plug: if you are an avid Padded Room follower you probably already know that we hashtag everything with #WearWhatYouLike. So if you haven't already, go ahead and add that when you take a shoe selfie) 

Back to the blog... Now initially, it may seem like you were trying to push boundaries when combining comfort and style but adding sneakers to your everyday look is becoming more of the norm no matter the setting. Just think about some of your top designers like Christian Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, Balenciaga... they all have made their mark in the sneaker world. This shows that even iconic designers have put their own spin on a classic look and that sneakers have surpassed just athletics.


Of course we had to start off with one of my favorite style icons Auntie June (June Ambrose)! Here she is wearing  Nike Lunar Tiempo Sky Hi Sneakers. 


Jenna Lyons, J.Crews creative director, rocking her casual yet chic look! The sneaker doesn't always have to be the statement piece as seen here Lyons has paired her simple black Nikes with an oversized tribal coat. The bold and layered look is perfect for a cold day.


We couldn't leave out "Bad Gal Rih Rih" who makes a statement in anything she wears. Leather pants, cropped sweater, Jordans and a pop of color!


Here are a few more celebs and just everyday women with some sneaker style inspiration:












Credit: // // June Ambrose IG // // // // // // //

Nike Air Foamposite "Metallic Gold" | Closer Look: March 10 2015, 41 Comments

Release Date Pushed Back

I'm sure we aren't the only ones who are eager to see if the "Metallic Gold" Foams live up to the hype!
Set to release Saturday March 14th the wait is almost over! 

 Looks like we spoke too soon. Nike announced earlier today that the release of the "Metallic Gold" Foam has now been postponed until Friday April 3rd.

They will be available at House of Hoops, select Nike retailers, and of course Padded Room Chicago will have them first come first serve at 12 noon. (In store and online at

We are pleased to see Nike going back to what made us initially fall in love with foams. No bright colorway or shell with some crazy pattern. We're back to the basics with this one! The black upper contrasting against the metallic gold with the classic icy bottom is a combo that can't be denied. 


Easily the most exciting Nike Basketball release of the year. A classic silhouette with the gold adding the perfect touch of flash and style. From basketball courts to fashion blogs worldwide look forward to seeing the "Metallic Gold" Foamposites.




Credit: //

Thank You, From Padded Room: March 06 2015, 0 Comments

We are so excited here at Padded Room! We started out with one shoe and a dream that has now come true. We've been selling shoes online for a while and for those of you that didn't know our physical location was introduced to Chicago's south side at the end of 2014. Nestled in Chicago's Beverly area we are proud to be one of the only shops of its kind. 
Padded Room has been open for close to 3 months now and the support and turnout from the community has been amazing. Thank you all for being apart of this vision and making Padded Room YOUR sneaker shop!
Hear from the owner and check out the video from set up to grand opening!
video by: Don Alexander//


Come Shop with us at 2134 W. 95th Street Chicago, Illinois 60643

12 noon to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday (Closed Sunday & Monday)



Check out some more pics from the opening...

























what's all this talk about consignment shops: March 04 2015, 0 Comments

Padded Room December 17 2014, 87 Comments

2134 W 95th Street

Chicago, IL 60643



Pre-Orders available for the Air Jordan 6 Retro "Infrared 23" releasing on Nov 29th November 20 2014, 0 Comments

You can purchase yours today hassle free and steer clear of the chaos that will go down on Black Friday. 


Item#: 384664 023

Colorway: Black/Infrared 23-Black

Release: 11-28-14


Air Jordan 6 Retro "Sport Blue" August 22 2014, 2 Comments

Item#: 384664 107

Colorway: White/Sport Blue-Black

Release: 08-30-14

Air Jordan 14 Retro "Ferrari" August 22 2014, 0 Comments

Item#: 654459 670

Colorway: Chllng Rd/Blck-Vbrnt Yllw-Anth

Release: 08-16-14

Padded Room Sneakers July 10 2014, 0 Comments

Air Jordan 3 Retro GG "Mint Green"

441140 045

Release Date: August 9th

Available Now At


Sneaker Con NYC ReCap July 26, 2014


Please Stop By Our Tables As We Take Our Talents To NYC For SneakerCon July 26th, 2014 


Nike Kobe IX Elite Low "Moonwalker"

Item#: 639045 515



Nike Kobe IX Elite "Masterpiece"

Item#: 630847 001


Air Jordan Future "Gym Red"

Item#: 656503 601


Nike Kobe 8 System Premium "What the Kobe"

Item#: 635438  800


 Nike KD VIPremium "What the KD"

Item#: 669809 500


Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS "Concord"

Item#: 528896 153


Air Jordan 11 Retro High OG "Royal"

Item#: 555088 085


Sneaker Con Chicago May 17th, 2014



Padded Room at Sneaker Con Houston Jan 4th 2014 January 13 2014, 0 Comments

Sneaker Con kicked off its Houston run at Minute Maid Park (Home of the Houston Astros) on Jan 4th and the venue was a sight to see. The backdrop of our table overlooked the field which added excitement to the overall experience of the event. See if you can take in the experience with us below:



M and Gia putting the finish touches on the display table.


Detailed side profile shot of the display table.


M rocking her NIke LeBron XI "Kings Pride" ..... Best LeBron model ever?!?!?


It's always good when Sneaker Con gets a shot of your table to show off to their followers on Instagram.


Having shoes before the release date is always a good way to have people stop by your table. Thanks again Sneaker Con for snapping a quick pic for your followers. 


Bringing the event to a close but business never stops. I chose the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG as my shoe of the day. 

Air Jordan 3 Retro "Powder Blue" January 10 2014, 0 Comments

A look at the Air Jordan 3 Retro "Powder Blue" releasing on 01-18-14. Preorders available in Men and GS sizes at


Item#: 136064 406

Colorway: Dk Pwdr Blue/Wht-Blck-Wlf Gry

Release Date: 01-18-14






Padded Room At Sneaker Con NYC Nov 23rd 2013 December 09 2013, 0 Comments

New York City showed up and showed out on Nov 23rd. If there was any sneaker that you wanted, it was in the building. Padded Room traveled light but kept a variety of kicks for everyone that came through. Me and my better half took a shot of our kicks before entering Sneaker Con. Its also been a while since I sold a pair of sneakers right off my feet but it happened at Sneaker Con NYC. We parted ways with on of the sickest Air Jordan 5 Retros to ever be released. In nothing but socks two pair for Forging Iron LeBron XI were scored to replace the LeBron XI "Graffiti".  

















Padded Room At Sneaker Con Chicago Oct 19th 2013 December 09 2013, 0 Comments

On Oct 19th Sneaker Con stopped in Chicago for it's last time in 2013. Chicago stepped it up and all the vendors provided their own twist to enhance the sneaker experience for all the attendees. Padded Room filled over 6 tables and still wasn't able to display all of our available inventory. Take a look at the pics below to see how things turned out.









Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Kyrie Irving Quickstrike September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Since there is a new shoe dropping every week some great sneakers fly under the radar. I feel it it my job to highlight the Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Kyrie Irving PE Quickstrike. The colorway is a inspired by the Australian national basketball team’s yellow and green uniforms with a modern touch. Nike has decided to brand Kyrie with a simple blend of K & I which is featured on the exterior tongue of both shoes. Anything Lunar is going to be comfortable, this we know without going into detail on the Lunarlon and flywire technology. My favorite feature is actually on the inside tongue, the map of Australia, where Kyrie was born and connects to his home state of New Jersey. 

- BO

Sneaker Feature: Air Jordan 3Lab5 September 14 2013, 0 Comments

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the up and coming release of Air Jordan 3Lab5. We were able to take the time out and focus on some of the details as well as the packaging for the item. 

 Below: View from above, this is normally how you and others view sneakers while they are being rocked

Below: Even though the shell is one piece the air vents were still added. Vents look great on the 3Lab5 as well as the classic Air Jordan 5 Model

Below: These shoes have good weight to them, hopefully your intentions are not to use them on the court


Below: Gamma Blue Jumpman is a good look

Below: The Jumpman logo is hidden amongst the texture 

Below: The icey blue sole complements the Gamma Blue and Cement

Below: Periodic Table of Element Insert, very cool concept wrapped up here

Below: Element details on the packaging paper

Below: A new box from Jordan is always exciting

Padded Room At Sneaker Con Miami June 29th 2013 July 05 2013, 0 Comments

Sneaker Con has been a wonderful place for Padded Room to reach new customers and profile select items available on our website. Miami's new age of young buyers & sellers were out in full force. I love the culture, style, and energy that Miami showed up with. Sneaker Con & Miami your support for Padded Room is much appreciate.

- BO


         Below: Padded Room's most organized table at Sneaker Con ....... Only a few gems due to travel restrictions. 

Below: M just finished setting up the table, taking it easy before the chaos.
Below: This year everyone has been asking about the Air Jordan 11 Retro "Concord" all over again, happy we were able to satisfy a few customers. 

Padded Room At Sneaker Con Atlanta June 15th 2013 June 19 2013, 0 Comments



On June 15th, 2013 Sneaker Con was held in Padded Room's sister city, Atlanta, GA!!! A host of friends and family came out to support the event and expand their collection along the way. Organized Chaos remained the concept of our table, giving customers the freedom to touch, inspect, and handle items to enhanced their Padded Room experience. Needless to say the event was a success and we wanted thank everyone that took the time out to visit the webstore which also launched June 15th. 

- BO


Photo Above: Padded Room Staff & Friends

Photo Below: Padded Room Ladies Showing Off Their Kicks

Padded Room At Sneaker Con Chicago May 13 2013, 0 Comments




     On May 11th, 2013 at Sneaker Con Chicago the Padded Room stepped outside the friendly confines of the internet for the first time to make an appearance as a vendor. Needless to say the experience was nothing less than wonderful. Many Chicago sneakerheads and regular people that just love sneakers came out to support the event. There were two moments during the event that made me proud of my teams effort and passion to expand the culture. 1) I spoke with a parent who was there monitoring three young sneaker lovers and he stated to me "Wow, you're the only vendor with items in the price range of what I can afford". 2) A gentleman in his early 30s walked by my table and spotted a pair of dead stock Jordan II "Melo's", he picked them up and began to talked about his experience first buying the shoe 10 years ago, he expressed to me that he hasn't seen a dead stock pair before the one on our table in years. I would like to thank Sneaker Con and my home town of Chicago for everything!!!!


- BO